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Risk Profiling Questionnaire

Risk Profiling Questionnaire
Horizon and Objectives
Risk Tolerance
1. I plan to remain invested for the following period:
Less than 2 years
2-3 years
3-5 years
5 years and above
2. What is your investment objective?
I want my capital to be preserved at all costs
I want returns but with very little volatility
I want high returns and do not mind volatility
3. What is your age?
Less than 45 years
45-60 years
60+ years
1. When I invest my money, I am:
Most concerned about preserving my principal investment
Equally concerned about my investment losing or gaining value
Most concerned about my investments gaining maximum returns
2. My knowledge of investments is best described as:
3. Which of the below mentioned investments have you owned?
Only fixed deposits
Bonds and Sukuks
Stocks and mutual funds
4. Which of the following situations would be most acceptable to you?
I am willing to accept a potential loss of up to 12% for up to 17% gain
I am willing to accept a potential loss of up to 19% for up to 28% gain
I am willing to accept a potential loss of up to 25% for up to 39% gain
5. How would you react to losing money in relation to your investments?
I would sell my investments at a loss
I will wait for portfolio recovery to decide
I will invest more
6. Which of the following statements best describes your attitude to risk?
I am not willing to accept any volatility
I am willing to accept some volatility
I am willing to accept significant volatility

Your Risk Profile Result

You are a cautious investor

Investment time horizon is 2-3 years.
You prefer safety of investments over growth.

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